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If J.F.K. weren't assassinated

          before Thanksgiving 1963,

      everyone in America would be

                    millionaires today.

          But this has nothing to do with politics my friend.

          Instead it has to do with something that’s inside of you right
          this very moment.

          I’m talking about your Spiritual Stem Cells.

          And while all yours are sick and useless right now (more on
          that in a moment…

          JFK knew a way to create healthy, functional Spiritual Stem

          Thanks to a secret study by WWII-era Japanese scientists.

          And since he planned to release this information to the
          American public on Thanksgiving Day 1963…He was
          assassinated just a few days earlier.

          Because the “powers that be” did NOT want the information
          to fall into the public’s hands.

          But what I’m about to share with you in this short video
          today… Will change everything you thought you knew about
          attracting wealth and abundance
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