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But I became obsessed.

          Trying to attract money and abundance into my life just by
          thinking about it.

          You probably know the deal.

          But what I discovered is that not only does the “law of
          attraction” not work…

          It actually hinders your ability to attract wealth and
          abundance.   (I’ll tell you why in just a minute.)

          Thing is…I never would have discovered this if it weren't for
          me hitting rock bottom in my life…

          Which sparked the most incredible, unbelievable journey of
          a lifetime.

          It all started when my wife Lucy had a root canal disaster on
          one of her front teeth.

          The dentist messed her up pretty bad so she needed to have
          the tooth pulled!

          Which meant of course that she wanted…no she needed…one
          of those porcelain fake teeth.

          Which was going to cost me two grand out of pocket…

          Two grand that I didn't have.
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