Page 9 - Good Vibes Manifestation (Justin Mills) : Flip It & Read It
P. 9

I thought it was quite rude to be acting like that at a public
          library so I went over and asked what was going on.

          The man was startled and immediately gathered up all his

          He also had half a dozen books on J.F.K. on the table.

          The man nervously looked around and asked who sent me.

          Confused, I told him that no one had sent me, I just wanted
          him to quiet down.

          I looked down at his paper and books and asked what he was
          so frustrated with.

          Which just agitated the man even more.

          So I told him to forget it, it wasn't that big of a deal

          But as I went to walk away…well…I kinda broke down right

          I don't know why, but all the weight of the day just suddenly
          hit me like a ton of bricks.

          Like my brain had  nally processed reality and how crappy of
          a situation I was in.

          That’s when the man softened up.

          He told me his name was Reggie and asked me why I was
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