Page 12 - Good Vibes Manifestation (Justin Mills) : Flip It & Read It
P. 12

You see, the top 1% and our world’s leaders are a pretty tight-
          knit group.

          And they are known to be able to keep secrets safe.

          (Especially when it comes to protecting their wealth.)

          But J.F.K. had other ideas.

          He thought this should be public information.

          After all, it would serve the greater good for the country if
          everyone could attract wealth, right?

          And this was JFK’s fatal move.

          Because he made secret plans to give this information to the
          American public on Thanksgiving Day, 1963.

          But the big wigs behind the scenes did NOT want this
          information to be made public.

           They felt it would threaten their stranglehold on the world's

          And that’s why J.F.K. was assassinated

          just days before he was set to share this incredible secret with
          all of America.

          And long story short, Reggies uncle (the secret service
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