Page 13 - Good Vibes Manifestation (Justin Mills) : Flip It & Read It
P. 13

Ended up with the classi ed documents about the secret
          wealth attraction method JFK was set to share with the

          But Reggie had only discovered them in an old trunk 6 months

          Hence his “obsession” that his wife left him over.

          The crazy part is, the contents of the government documents
          show something extraordinary.

          That modern science is now proving what eastern spiritual
          leaders have been teaching for centuries...

          That you can attract wealth and abundance into your life…
          once you address this one certain thing.

          In fact the power is already inside of you right now.

          You simply have to access the abundance the universe already
          has in store for you.

          But there’s only one problem…

          99.9% of people alive today have “lost” the ability to access
          this abundance.

          And these documents tell us exactly why.

          You see, the natural order of things is that everything in the
          universe tends toward disorder.
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