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In fact, that's literally what the second law of thermodynamics

          Those things trend from order to disorder over time.

          Some people like to call it the “chaos theory.”

          There’s even a whole scene in the movie Jurassic Park
          dedicated to the “chaos theory.”

          But there’s a real scienti c name for it.


          Entropy is simply how disorder affects all aspects of our daily

          Some people like to think of it as “nature’s tax.”

          And unless you take action, disorder increases over time.

          And entropy is taking its toll on all mankind right now - even
          at this very moment while you watch this.

          Which might sound a little alarming at  rst, but it really
          makes sense when you think about it.

          Cars break down over time…even if they’re just parked in the
          garage not being driven.

          Gardens become overgrown with weeds if you don't
          constantly keep them up.
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