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P. 15

And obviously our bodies break down and degenerate over

          But it goes much deeper than the surface level entropy you
          can see with our bodies.

          Because here’s the thing

          …Entropy has invaded modern human’s DNA.

          In today’s modern times 100% of humans alive are affected by
          the entropy wrecking their DNA.

          It starts the second we are born…when we're babies.

          Our bodies can repair that damage until we reach 18 then it's
          all downhill from there.

          It’s the reason why getting old sucks.

          Entropy is destroying your body…and it just gets worse as
          time goes on.

          Well this is exactly what’s happening inside your body

          Even on a spiritual level.

          Entropy is slowly but surely disrupting our DNA.

          Except unlike your body…your DNA is never repaired.
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