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P. 11

Then Reggie launched into an absolutely insane story straight
          out of a spy novel.

          You see, his grandfather was in the Secret Service in the

          Right when J.F.K. was president.

          And also when J.F.K. was famously assassinated.

          Reggie said his Grandfather knew a secret from those days.

          An incredible secret that could turn out to make us both
          wealthy beyond our wildest dreams.

          The story goes that J.F.K. met with the prime minister of
          Japan, Hayato Ikeda, June 21 through June 23 in 1961.

          That part is no secret.

          You can google it and see the numerous news stories about it
          right from your phone.

          But it was there that he learned of a top secret method that
          would help you attract wealth effortlessly.

          The Japanese prime minister shared this information in
          con dence that it would stay within the Kennedy family.

          As they were already a wealthy blue-blood family with
          important ties where the big boys play.
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