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P. 7

I had to look my wife and daughter in the eye and tell them we
          couldn't go get new boots.

          Daddy didn't have enough money.

          Jasmine started crying, asking her mom if her feet were going
          to freeze off.

          And Lucy…well she blew her lid.

          And rightfully so.

          What kind of man can't afford to take care of his family's basic

          Plus my beautiful wife was pretty distraught about looking
          like a “toothless hillbilly.”

          But when I told her we couldn't afford to get new snow boots
          for almost a week, that was the last straw.

          After giving me an earful, she said she needed some “space.”
          and asked me to leave.

          I packed up a few clothes and some toiletries into an old duf e
          bag I had from high school.

          And I headed out in my work truck.

          I  gured I’d head to my coworker Bob’s house.

          But as luck (or the universe) would have it, Bob was out and
          wouldn't be home for a few hours.
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