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P. 8

And as I was driving I saw a sign for the Library of Congress.

          If you don’t know already, it’s a humongous library here in
          Washington D.C. and it’s very famous.

          I don’t know why…but I spontaneously decided to go kill a few
          hours there while waiting for Bob to get home.

          After all, libraries are one the few free things you can still
          enjoy these days.

          But little did I know that spur-of-the-moment decision would
          change the course of my entire life.

          When I got there I just kinda wandered around a bit in awe of
          the place.

          But eventually I decided to check out the American History

          Growing up in D.C. I was a huge history buff, and I  gured I
          could  nd something to keep my interest there.

          I grabbed a couple books and went to sit down in one of the
          plush leather chairs.

          That’s when I noticed a man at a nearby table getting visibly
          frustrated with something he was working on.

          He kept pounding his  st on the table and crumpling up pieces
          of paper in disgust.
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