Page 10 - Good Vibes Manifestation (Justin Mills) : Flip It & Read It
P. 10

And I spilled my guts right then and there to that stranger in
          the library.

          I told him about my  nancial situation and how I couldn't even
          afford to provide for my family.

          And everything that happened that day, and how my whole
          life was going down the drain.

          Reggie’s entire demeanor had changed by the time I’d  nished
          pouring my heart out to him.

          He actually seemed super empathetic at that point.

          Then he told me that he could relate.

          Because his wife took off back to New Jersey with his two
          sons about 6 months ago.

          All because she couldn't handle Reggie’s “obsession” anymore.

          I glanced down at the stack of JFK books and asked if it had
          anything to do with that.

          Reggie looked me in the eye more intensely than anyone ever
          has in my entire life.

          And then he said “Screw it, I have to tell somebody.”

          “Sit down,” He said.  “This is all going to sound a little crazy…
          But what I’m about to tell you could possibly change the
          trajectory of our entire lives.”
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